Sunday, December 11, 2011


Write this down... the Mapping the Crusades project is due this Thursday (Friday for Core 5). We will be doing something else this week instead of our weekly quiz. 

Two quick to-do items before we start class. First off Create a draft post in blogger labeled, "The Blogosphere". Secondly, download the "Qs a moment in time- Crusades". Today in class we'll spent about 20 minutes looking for inspiration from award winning blogs. Afterwards will watch the first part of a video on the crusades. During that time I'll be checking in with students about their grades and progress on the project.

Blogs on Media Arts: DesignSponge, Pink Shirts and Car Wrecks,  Carrot RevolutionThe Best PartKissMyBlackAds, JeannieJeannie
Blogs on Music and Movies:PitchforkMusic BlogRoger Ebert's Journal,
Blogs on Fashion and photography: The SatorialistLens,
Gentle Men Standard. Black Girl Long Hair, & afrobella.
Travel Blogs: World Class
Other Blogs Blogs: Arts CeteraState of ArtsDivasCanCookGlobal Voices
Blogs from News Organizations: Star Tribune Blogs, NY Times Blogs (both have a large selection of blogs including sports blogs)

For you "Blogosphere post" make sure to include the following (rewrite the questions as part of your answers):
-What were the two or three most interesting blogs you found today? (You could take a screen shot of them and use the images in your post.)
-What did you notice about these award winning blogs?
-How can you incorporate what you saw into your own world history blog?

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